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Here are some websites I've created from 1994 to date. You'll also find a list of professional sites I've built for clients.

Fun Sites
Spice Shack 1996
Multi-award winning Spice Girls site. Received the Music Week Reader's Choice Award! Site was sold in 1999 to a new owner.
Peugeot 306 XSi 1996
My tribute to this fantastic car.
Betty Boo 1995
"Where are you baby?"
Klingon! 1995
My unfortunate run-in with a Klingon.
Girls on IRC 1995
Getting blown out by two celebrity babes!

Professional Sites
Here are some professional sites I've created over the years.
Cosmetic Surgery Specialists 2005
Cosmetic & reconstructive plastic surgeon's site. Include Flash animation.
Something Special 2000 to 2004
Villa holidays with a searchable database of villas.
Spanish Harbour 2003 to 2004
Spanish holidays.
Just 1999 - 2000
No-thrills holiday company, owned by Thomson Holiodays. It won an award for the best advertising banners (which I also created)
IgluActive 2000 to 2001
Online activity holidays.
SongsForSale 2000 to date
An online song publisher complete with a database driven catalogue of music streamed in real time using RealAudio.
Lunn Poly 1999 - 2000
The UK's largest high street travel agent with over 800 shops.
BMW Imports 1999 to 2002
Learn how you can save thousands of pounds by importing a UK spec car from Europe.
1996 to date
My largest and longest running client. Over the years I've built dozens of websites, many cutting edge using the latest in technology. Sorry, it's on an intranet so access is not possible.
Thomson Holidays

Club Freestyle
1998 - 2000
Thompson Holidays - I did the section on Florida (which was complimented in a national newspaper).
1999 - 2000
Club Freestyle - I did the section called "Shout" and the Skiing pages.
Living Spanish 1999 to 2003
Spanish courses in Spain. As their slogan says, "You've got to live it to learn it! "
Mediator Marketing Ltd 1998 - 2000
London based marketing, communications and design agency.
CP Cases 1998 - 2000
Manufacturers and designers of professional cases and bags for every imaginable purpose.
Patrick J Whitfield 2004 to date
Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon based in Harley Street. 1998 - 2000
Publishers of top sci-fi and TV magazines.
Gainsborough Video 1999 - 2000
A small site for a company specialising in filming and professionally editing wedding videos. Site closed.
Ripspeed 1997 - 2000
The one stop car accessory shop. Site closed.
Alisha's Attic 1997
The former official web site of the sister/sister pop band. Site closed.
Dorling Kindersley's Multimedia 1997
Find out about their book. Site closed.
Supercom UK Ltd 1996 - 1998
Distributors and dealers of PC hardware.

This link is dedicated to my sister who had Hodgkin's disease. If you know someone who has cancer then perhaps my sister's diary will offer some hope.

Updated: 22-Oct-05

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