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Cool picture of the handsome Gary Fenton Gary Fenton is humanoid and has lived on the planet Earth for 31 years.

Hello, whoever you may be! Thank you for visiting my home page. Here's all the info about myself that I'm prepared to give to a complete stranger - do I know you?winkey

Full name: Gary Fenton (Yes, I do have a middle name.)
Date Of Birth: 19th August 1972 (London)
Star Sign: Leo - irrelevant, but some people think it means something.
Physical: 5'10", 12 stone 8lbs after breakfast.
E-Mail: Click to email me!
Web Site: You're looking at it.

Occupation: Currently contracted part time to GlaxoSmithKline developing numerous Web sites, applications and services on their intranet. I spend the rest of the week working on web projects for other clients. Also freelance journalist, graphic artist, video editor and 3D animator, Web weaver and multimedia man. Yes, there are really 24 full working hours in every fun-packed day!

Previous Job: Editor of NetUser and WebMaster magazines. NetUser was a top selling newsstand magazine (well it was when I was Editor!) and I was also launch Editor of WebMaster, the UK's first Internet business publication.

Other Magazine Work: Written for What Video, Starburst, Camcorder User, Computer Video, Internet Works, Audio Visuality, Practical PC (was Games Editor), Windows Plus, CU Amiga, and Amiga User International. (RIP). I also wrote weekly columns about the Internet for the Press Associasion for almost a year.

TV Work: Graphics for a monthly live OB satellite program for British Telecom, commissioned to create animations for Channel 4, created new system for ITN's TV Football Results Service (never used, they ended up with a poor quality system instead - that's politics for you), programmed control system for an ITV quiz show, did an opening animation for a Sky TV show.

Video Work: Graphics for many videos including, 3D animations for Starburst, Stringfellows, intro for an X rated video, and a rather cool (but short) 3D animation for a Dr Who video called Downtime, some graphics for "I Was a Dr Who Monster", and "The Making of Downtime" which are on sale now, plus other stuff.

CD-ROM Work: Programming and graphics for a magazine cover-mounted CD for Starburst - included loads of MPEG video clips. Also, animated 3D graphics for a Samsung CD, programming and graphics for an Aston Villa FC CD with MPEG way back in 1993, a corporate CD, many demos including ones for Innovations and Gulf Air.

Skills: For a lengthy list please take a look here.

Computers: I bought my first computer in 1982 and from then on I had found my purpose in life! I've owned a Vic-20, Sinclair Spectrum, a whole range of Amiga computers, a Mac, and of course PCs. I've even been known to run Linux. Naturally I can use virtually any piece of software you'd care to throw at me and master it within a week.

Software: I use LightWave 3D which is an incredible 3D modeling and animation package as used on Babylon 5 and Star Trek Voyager. I also love Scala which is the best multimedia authoring and presentation package in the world! Both of these packages started life on the Amiga but have now migrated to the PC. Photoshop is my preferred 2D gfx package and Dreamweaver is what I use for HTML stuff (although I edit half of it in a plain text editor!) For interactive and clever Web stuff I choose ColdFusion.

Personal: I don't smoke because it makes you smell, makes you dead, and is totally selfish. I drive a BMW Z3 (I'll eventually make a web site for it) but previously had a sporty Peugeot 306 XSi and I loved it to bits.

Likes: Star Trek, The Simpsons, Red Dwarf, Time Gentlemen Please, Andromeda, Babylon 5, fast friendly computers, science and technology stuff, most kinds of music (requiring more talent to write than a chimpanzee at a typewriter), working on challenging projects, days out at theme parks, meeting new and interesting people, having a good laugh with my friends, honest and genuine people...

Dislikes: Drivers who don't thank me for giving way, people who act cool all the time and pretend to be someone they're not, bureaucratic pompous people, washing powder adverts, bureaucratic pompous people, ignorant people who slag things off without actually knowing much about the subject, boy racers who think they can beat me at the lights, bureaucratic pompous people, anyone who downloads an HTML editor and suddenly thinks they're a professional web designer...

It's me! Due to numerous requests and for the safety of the global community, I have put this photo on a separate page. Access it at your own risk!

Jan 2004

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